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Planning a Cruise with my GF

RFID Leather passport cover,

Last time I took a trip where I needed my passport. (my first time ever needing a passport) I wasn't protected (or my things were not I should say).. Nothing happened luckily, but that doesn't mean it never will...   So I got the BF and I matching passport covers.. These are supposed to protect against our cards being scanned and taken over by criminals.

Color Hair wax (test & review)

The color I got was Blue.. Because blue is my favorite color..  Now I was skeptical to use it as I was afraid the color would end up permanent. Not knowing it was actually water soluble. Lots of companies say the product does "this" and "that" but then when you try it out, NO it doesn't is your reaction..

Not with this stuff.. I've always been curious about having some actual colors in my hair but all I had seen on the market locally are semi-permanent and permanent coloring.. I wanted the convenience of a one time use type of coloring that actually looked great.  I have tried so many products out there.

This one is one of the top 5 that I would definitely buy again, and buy other colors..

I love the convenience of being able to just wash and rinse it out if I don't want it.  I am a lil older than the intended target (I would think) and my hair is fairly thin but still takes the wax quite well…
  • new temporary Hair Wax adds Texture and Shine
  • No residue and No grease
  • The Hair Wax also applies to medium to thick hair and is easy to apply and clean
  • Suitable for all Hair Type
  • TEMPORARY: Good solution for people who like trying new colors. Easy coloring, easy to wash out, strong hold with no damage, and no stickiness

How to use:

- Step 1: Place a finger full of wax on your palm and spread evenly
- Step 2: Apply to all areas that need a color boost
- Step 3: Slay with your new look!

- Step 4: Washes out easily after each use.



Read more or buy it at Hair Wax


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