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Notilus Antimicrobial Shower head (PR-Test)

NOTILUS Antimicrobial High-Pressure Luxury 3-in-1 Rain Shower Spa Combo Campaign

Once it was installed it was quite lovely. I adore how you can choose between both heads at the same time, or use just one or the other. Plus, when you use both, you can have each one with it's own setting.  The combinations are incredible..

GXR Nose Hair trimmer (test & review)

 Unfortunately this was a great idea that just didn't work out for me. I think the design is great, the size is great. However, my item worked for about 3 seconds and then no more. I replaced the battery 3 times, flipped the battery to see if I had it in upside down. Still, it would not come back on. Maybe I was a one in hundred that got a faulty one. I sure hope that is the case. This would have been a nice product to have on trips.

Site Specs on trimmer:

 SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: curved blade hair trimmer, Three-dimensional rotating head, Sharp yet safe, no pulling and scratching.

CONVENIENT TO USE: High-end ABS plastic body with non-slip surface, The Rubber Grip Makes it Easy to Hold. Comes with a dustproof cover to protect the cutter head.

CENTRAL OPERATION SYSTEM: 6500 rpm powerful motor speed, high-speed rotation, it is working silently. Remove unwanted hair exactly and fast.

MULTIPURPOSE USE: nose hair ear, and also, you can use it for beard styling.100% Waterproof Resistant, No Wall Outlets Needed Or Dangerous Electric Wires On Your Wet Bathroom Sink. No Charging Needed!


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