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Planning a Cruise with my GF

RFID Leather passport cover,

Last time I took a trip where I needed my passport. (my first time ever needing a passport) I wasn't protected (or my things were not I should say).. Nothing happened luckily, but that doesn't mean it never will...   So I got the BF and I matching passport covers.. These are supposed to protect against our cards being scanned and taken over by criminals.

Travel Toiletries bag (test & review)

Site SPECS on bag:
Multi-Function - Multiple compartments for different requests of storage, strong long lasting zippers. The bag will keep your toiletry accessories safe, it's easy to access them, quicker and more convenient; folds up for easy storage and travel. Everything is easy to find.

Large Capacity - Convenient to carry your toiletries, cosmetic, shaving, travel accessories and your personal items. The durable hook is convenient for hanging the toiletry bag wherever in the hotel or in the tent for space saving.

Best Quality Material - High quality nylon fabric, use of portable, waterproof wear resistance, high elasticity.

Lightweight & Easy to Carry - Ideal for taking exactly what you need. Portable handle make it easy to carry this case anywhere, at any time.

My thoughts

I really like this bag. As you can see from my photo above, I jam packed this thing to see if it could hold everything I had, or needed to take with me on my trip..  Of course, I had to find a spot for my meds.
I love how once you open it, you turn it, inside out - of sorts. the zipper flaps folded back to expose both pockets better. Just makes it sturdier in my opinion.

The fabric is very durable, well sewn together and glad it is water resistant / waterproof. Which makes for easy cleanup..  I had some toothpaste bust loose inside, so when I got back home, I emptied it and threw it in the washer.  Cleaned up nicely.

Although I would actually need two of these to hold ALL of my essential toiletries, it works for a great over nighter..


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