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Planning a Cruise with my GF

RFID Leather passport cover,

Last time I took a trip where I needed my passport. (my first time ever needing a passport) I wasn't protected (or my things were not I should say).. Nothing happened luckily, but that doesn't mean it never will...   So I got the BF and I matching passport covers.. These are supposed to protect against our cards being scanned and taken over by criminals.

#WithME Tatoo Eyebrow Gel Tint

Have you ever had your eyebrows tinted?

I have.  I went to a shop (local) that puts in eyelashes (individual lash at a time) and also got a spray tan (organic) as well as my eyebrows Tinted because at my age I'm losing hair, even eyelashes and eyebrow hair. It's so thin that it makes them appear to be lighter.. So.. Viola, I had them tinted.

Well not sure if I just didn't put enough on the first time, but I had to apply twice in order to get it to stain well enough.. I was worried about it staining my skin in case I didn't get it on the right part.  It does only stain the hair.. Which is awesome.

This is me before Tinting.


The gel has a pleasant smell, and if you put it on thick enough the first time, I'm sure you won't have to reapply like I did.   See below my Before - During - After photo's to see if you can tell that they are darker.

No special editing other than to zoom in.

Just follow the Directions on the insert and you have no problems


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