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On my site, you will find some of my best opinions with Products from make-up, household items, electronics, gadgets and more.

I love to cook so you might catch a recipe or two or more.
is it friday yet

Well, just wanted to pop in and tell you that  I am sorry it's taken me so long to post. I have spent the last two weeks moving my physical home to a new location.  I am trying to get everything back into the routine again so that  I can get back to what I love... Writing, reviews and recipes.  I will be back very soon.

Targets Boo Boo-mistake rectified

Good morning my beauties.

So you This is the last box in the series of Reviews about Targets Beauty boxes. Next will be more Beauty boxes I decided to give a try as well.

What you are going to see next is a bit Messy.  (There is a part 2 of this review)

However, I want to start off with saying. I will still give them a 5 Star rating. The products themselves are amazing and the value, in my opinion, is Spot on for the teeny price they ask for. Shoot, you can look at it as you are paying for shipping.

So in my mind. It is well worth it.

Using Social Media to Improve your Business

The top three that most Brands want you to be influential on are:

Bitmoji ImageSpreading the word on social media

If you do not already have social media. you really need to get some.
Companies / Brands are very aware of the Millions of people that talk about products they love, Places they have been to, The cruise ships name that they were on during vacations. They all know that Social networks are where they can find people to talk about their product. and some of them are willing to pay $25 - $500 depending on How many followers, and stats on people liking, commenting, etc on each post.

Beauty boxes comin' out my ears - series 1

Beauty boxes til the hearts content.

And this week, My heart is very content.

So, Seeing how I just discovered the awesomeness of the Beauty world.

I also discovered this Pretty freaking awesome thing called a beauty box.

Can you say OMG... First, I am going to talk about the Beauty box's that Target offers.

 Yes, (we have a local store as well) offers beauty boxes for pennies. You can get samples and they sometimes throw in a full sized sample for you..

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