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Natural 3D Silk Sleep Mask by Jakielax

I have been using sleep masks to help me sleep for over 10 years due to my Chronic Insomnia. The designs have become better and better over time.  With this product, I love the design of the strap. And the mask itself is extremely comfortable. However, it is not the mask for me.  2 reasons. I have very long eyelashes and the cushioning inside around the eye's makes it impossible for me to use it, I cannot stand to feel my eyelashes brush against the mask. Second reason is that I am of German decent and have a long nose with a bump mid-way that extends making the nose piece way too tight, it pushes my down flat. With this mask ,Having a deviated septum makes it even harder to breath with it pushing my nose down.

This mask is perfect for those that don't get bothered by feeling your eyelashes brush the inside, and if their noses are more Normal / smaller than mine.   Would love to see a new version with deeper eye sockets and NO nose cone. Remove it all together.. Then I will be the first person to purchase one.

I reviewed this product after receiving a discount to buy it.  No review was required

Magnetic Eyelashes

After having fake eyelashes attached *individual lash at a time* not being pleased with over an hour for the process, the price ranging from $95-$120 for first set, and with the fact that just after 2 weeks needed to have replacement lashes put in, another hour of time and around $50 more..  Coming out to close to $200 the first month, and $100 each month after that.. It's just not in my budget to keep this going. 
However, I have tried the "glue in yourself", other fake lash *whole piece* glue in's.. Very messy, glue everywhere and looked hideous as I am not accustomed to being proficient in this task..  I am still not as pleased with the results as I have been with The every expensive *individual* lashes..   This is what drove me to give the magnetic ones a try.
So what do I have to say about THESE magnetic eyelashes?
Great concept, however, the eyelashes come with just two magnets one on each end of each eyelash (top and bottom).  The Eyelashes themselves, are flat across, no curve and that is what I feel is the downfall for this particular product.
I was unable to get them to line up right, each time I tried to add the bottom lash, they came completely off.
My best guess is that because your natural eyelash row is curved and the fake lashes are not, when they tried to bend to  match the original curved eyelash, one end would just pop off because the magnet wouldn't stay attached. After trying 8 times I finally gave up.  Just not the product I was hoping it was.

As I said, concept is great, but needs work still.  I would not recommend wasting your money on this product, not to mention, the photos they used of women wearing the lashes are fake. You can clearly see the magnetic strips are NOT on these eyelashes in their photos

I reviewed this product after receiving a discount to buy it.  No review was required

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