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Light up- Magnification Beauty Mirror from #Hamswan

Light up Magnification Mirror, Beauty, Makeup mirror.

What you see is what you get...   Or  The Good, The Bad and the ugly

I have  a love hate relationship with this mirror.  Just trying to figure out the optimum way of using it since it does everything I need it to do.. (I explain more below)

Notilus Antimicrobial Shower head (PR-Test)

NOTILUS Antimicrobial High-Pressure Luxury 3-in-1 Rain Shower Spa Combo Campaign

Everyone dreams of having that perfect showerhead. Be it the rain shower effect or just a hard downpour that massages your back.

Yesterday, I received mine in the mail. SO Immediately I needed to put it in.  No need to wait for a plumber, or my man. I'm pretty hand when it comes to DIY work around the house. 

Once it was installed it was quite lovely. I adore how you can choose between both heads at the same time, or use just one or the other. Plus, when you use both, you can have each one with its own setting.  The combinations are incredible...

Blooop Bath Kneeler pad and Elbow Rest

One of the great things about being a grandma (or as my Gbabies call me: Omah), Is that I get to get my son and daughter in law products that are great on saving them time, making life easier, and things I never had, or had but they were not as good as they are now.
For instance. I do not remember ever seeing a very cushy  mat for over the side of the tub to save my elbows when my kids were babies / little..  Now the floor matt, that I knew about because I just used a couple bath matts put together to save my knees.  This is the cutest set and just couldn't pass up getting it for my kids. There are even cute pockets on the side to put the shampoo etc., easy to access and within arm's length..

I'm telling you. This is HUGE in saving the knees and the elbows..

I found it on amazon.. Yes, my favorite place to shop. Order it here

Click on the image above, or the link to get one for yourself / your family member that needs one. They will love you forever….

#DotStone HDMI switch PIP 4 port switcher

Introducing the DotStone PiP HDMI Switcher

IR REMOTE CONTROLLER: Change HDMI signal within 23ft, No need to leave your comfortable sofa with the handy remote. Besides the IR remote control, the input signal source can also be controlled by switch buttons on PIP HDMI Switcher. 

How is YOUR posture? #ToWish

TOWISH Posture Corrector & Adjustable Back Support 

- Premium Aid Back Brace Helps with Bad Shoulder,Clavicle Alignment and Cervical Neck Pain - Comfortable Medical Figure 8 Correction Device - M Size

I have Terrible back posture.. In itself, is a bad thing, it's even worse because I suffer from Scoliosis (curvature of the spine).

Mandoline slicer (product test & review)

The best little mandolin slicer  I have ever owned.

I happen to agree with the specs.. (below)  This is one of the best mandolin's I have had in a long time. 
I finally got one, I wanted to be able to make waffle chips & shoestring fries, however, it says you can but I'm not sure which blade to use or if it takes two blades etc..  I will be doing more asking around to find out. 

#Feriwola Color Hair wax (test & review)

 I kind of always wondered what my hair would look like as a Not-So-Normal hair color.  However, I am nowhere near brave enough to go permanent.  So I found Feriwola sells the Hair wax that colors your hair.

The color I got was Blue. Because blue is my favorite color...  Now I was skeptical to use it as I was afraid the color would end up permanent. Not knowing it was actually water-soluble. Lots of companies say the product does "this" and "that" but then when you try it out, NO it doesn't is your reaction.

#WithME Tatoo Eyebrow Gel Tint

Have you ever had your eyebrows tinted?

I have.  I went to a shop (local) that puts in eyelashes (individual lash at a time) and also got a spray tan (organic) as well as my eyebrows Tinted because at my age I'm losing hair, even eyelashes and eyebrow hair. It's so thin that it makes them appear to be lighter.. So.. Viola, I had them tinted.

Rheumatoid Copper Arthritis Gloves

It is well known that it's been widely popular to use products with copper in it for the healing properties.
How much of the rumors are true.

It's time to travel, Mini vaca (test & review)

Vivefox Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag 

  SO Every now and then (a couple times a year) My son and I take a trip to Colorado. He has friends there and I have my lifelong best friend that lives there.  He usually drops me off at My Girls house and then he goes off somewhere. Don't ask don't tell.

GXR Nose Hair trimmer (test & review)

 Unfortunately this was a great idea that just didn't work out for me. I think the design is great, the size is great. However, my item worked for about 3 seconds and then no more. I replaced the battery 3 times, flipped the battery to see if I had it in upside down. Still, it would not come back on. Maybe I was a one in hundred that got a faulty one. I sure hope that is the case. This would have been a nice product to have on trips.

#Content Creation Ebook *review*

First off, the above image is the Cover of the Ebook labeled. Content creations, page 10..  Mentions, how important creating Unique images for your content is..  I found this to be a bit off putting when the Ebook itself has no images in it..

The writer gives some good tips on how to make things easier in content writing by giving the reader a blow by blow, what to do first, next and finish. The Ebook gives you things to think about before implementing your ideas randomly without thought and without planning.

Each step the writer takes you through gives you the idea of exactly what to expect and helps you realize exactly what you want to happen, with hints on how to make it happen.

The one lesson mentioned in the Ebook, as a beginner, I would have loved to know. Is that there is a proper way of reusing content. I never knew this.  I found out the hard way, you never want to just copy and paste the exact same words from one social media to another.  Google doesn't like repeats of the exact same content.

Another idea the Ebook talks about is how using color is important and how to go about deciding how to do so..  ( I wish the writer of the Ebook had tried to put a little color in the Ebook to demonstrate Why it's needed in Content ).

Finally, my favorite tip, which was one that I had to learn the hard way myself. Is to stay consistent with posting your content. Even if you only have time to work on one or two days, set scheduled times for content to post to make it consistent even if YOU can't be.

Without giving away everything the Ebook reveals to the reader. I end my review here.

The text content of the book is accurate of course, and really didn't tell me much more than what I already knew about Content creation. However, it is a good Ebook for a beginner just learning. Although I think it will be hard to keep the interest of even a beginner if you don't have at least one or two images, even if it's nonsense images like a typewriter, or images of lined paper and a pencil / pen and add some color to your ebooks especially when the subject is what it is.

Either way.. You can check out / read / purchase your copy of the Ebook Here:

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