How is YOUR posture? #ToWish

TOWISH Posture Corrector & Adjustable Back Support 

- Premium Aid Back Brace Helps with Bad Shoulder,Clavicle Alignment and Cervical Neck Pain - Comfortable Medical Figure 8 Correction Device - M Size

I have Terrible back posture.. In itself, is a bad thing, it's even worse because I suffer from Scoliosis (curvature of the spine).

I learned in my late 20's-early 30's that bad posture only makes it worse. However, i was lazy.. I worked out at the gym for a few years to keep my core tight and it helped minimize the pain..  Got lazy, had kids etc etc.

Now I am 47 and feeling the neglect on my back. Which leads me to one question..

What is the best way to help correct bad posture..

So I went on a search for products to help me with this.  First in my search is this little, light weight contraption. Easy to use, only slightly annoying to wear.. I have a texture OCD about things on my skin, so in the end. I still use it, but it just annoys me to much past an hour of testing.

Check it out on amazon here (ToWish)
If you are not familiar with Scoliosis.. and want to know more. Read on..
I will enlighten you as to what it is and what it feels like.

Scoliosis is painful, 24/7.. Well, ok. Not while your in a deep sleep but trust me, I go to bed in pain and I wake up in pain...

Early on Doctors would say that there is not reason why  you would feel pain.. They would put you in a brace (hard plastic) that pushed your spine to be straight..  Grew up being told that.. Well, it only makes common sense..  The muscles on the outside of the curve would be compressed together, causing stress knotted muscles (we all know that is painful) The muscles on the inside of the curve are hyperextended, causing pain because when you pull a muscle it hurts, for example with scoliosis, this muscle is pulled 24/7.    I have 2 curves in my back and one in my neck. Top makes a backward C (looking at my back between shoulder blades), bottom half of back is the Letter C proper (so the spine is shaped like an S, quite literally.

As for the Brace, I never had one, Again.. VERY painful.. My mother, thank God, was smart enough to figure out that common sense says: this is going to be way too painful for me, so she opted for Chiropractic manipulation to keep it under control. Which helped control the pain somewhat, and DID stop the curve from getting worse..  Once you hit puberty the spine stops growing therefore it stops trying to curve worse.  There is also a surgery, very invasive and painful also. Mom opted out of that as well for me. (google it).