Light up- Magnification Beauty Mirror from #Hamswan

Light up Magnification Mirror, Beauty, Makeup mirror.

What you see is what you get...   Or  The Good, The Bad and the ugly

I have  a love hate relationship with this mirror.  Just trying to figure out the optimum way of using it since it does everything I need it to do.. (I explain more below)

  • 【Adjustable 21 LED Lights】HAMSWAN SM217-DL LED Lighted Makeup Mirror features one-touch activated LEDs that are soft. One long push adjusts different lightings to help you do makeup in varying lighting areas
  • 【Dual Power Supply】 This vanity mirror can be powered by USB cable connecting to a power bank or phone charger. Or insert 4 pieces of AAA batteries to power it up
  • 【2/3 Magnification】The LED Lighted makeup mirror has a regular mirror and a 2/3x magnifying spot mirror that keeps an eye on finer details of your face, making your makeup impeccable
  • 【Fully Rotatable】 Being 180 degree rotatable, the makeup mirror gives you different view angles for best makeup. Tri-fold and base design make the mirror portable anytime you want
  • 【Ideal Gift】Of great use when men are shaving, or woman are putting on lipstick/contact lenses/powder or drawing eyebrows. Ideal present for your loved one or yourself
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 (Please ignore the purple light in the background - it is from my grow lamp for my Blueberries.. lol)


1. You have three (4) mirrors in one, with one side having 2 x magnification and mirror with 3 x magnification
the other side being normal just as the center;    The ability to use the center and the side that is normal at a angle so I can see the right side of my face while I am applying is great.

2. The center Mirror lights up at the touch of a button in the back
I love the lights Give me the realistic look of how my face will look in daylight.  

2. a..  You can charge it up with the USB (phone) charger (not type c) or you can add batteries.. Easy peasy.

(New pictures showing my face in the mirror and the position of my chair so you know what my Con's are really saying. Coming soon)


1.  with the 3 sides (4 really) you can see yourself at all angles, however, it would be nice to also see the left side of my face "NOT" magnified.

2.  I didn't care for the stand itself. It's not adjustable enough..  It has the ability to sit at a nearly straight angle, or you adjust it to practically facing the ceiling.. lol.. Not of any use to me.
 At my desk in utility room / craft room, or a computer desk (I have both) I am sitting too high up and at that angle I don't like how "gravity" makes my face look so harsh Seeing how I am 47 and we all know, bending down to look at something show's all the wrinkles, loose skin etc. making it very hard to apply makeup properly.   I felt I needed the mirror to NOT be slanted upward making it impossible for me to look straight at the mirror (gravity is better) to apply makeup and do hair.  So, You can remove the circle base for Easily packing for travel.. I decided that, THAT is how I need to use it, to get it facing straight at me.. However, I still have to get this "Height' problem solved (Probably just lower my computer chair down to the floor)..

What I wouldn't do for an actual Vanity and Vanity chair... Never had one, but I'm guessing it was MADE for this kind of thing... lol

Maybe it is just me, maybe I am too tall, too short or my area's to work with are too high up..


Great mirror.. Does exactly what it says it supposed to do..  It just might take some finagling to make it work to YOUR specifications (just like I suggested for myself, or maybe other things can be done).    So This is a YES.. I would still buy this mirror otherwise.. So I recommend it to you all..