Notilus Antimicrobial Shower head (PR-Test)

NOTILUS Antimicrobial High-Pressure Luxury 3-in-1 Rain Shower Spa Combo Campaign

Once it was installed it was quite lovely. I adore how you can choose between both heads at the same time, or use just one or the other. Plus, when you use both, you can have each one with it's own setting.  The combinations are incredible..

Our shower head (pre existing one) was a bit too low, so I installed an arm that bends to make the shower head higher, so that it will be over my head. I'm 5' 7" and so is my BF so we needed one that was quite high enough.

Take a peek at what Mine looks like installed.

Product Details

  • DUAL-ZONE ANTIMICROBIAL ANTI-CLOG JETS FOR SUPERIOR WATER PRESSURE: Over time, other shower heads often dramatically lose water pressure due to clogged jets. Notilus Series shower nozzles are made with revolutionary EPA-registered Microban® antimicrobial material that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria inside and around jets. Plus their flexible rub-clean tips help prevent the buildup of calcium deposits,so your shower head remains clean and clog-free for superior performance.

  • THE ULTIMATE CLEAN SHOWER FOR YOUR FAMILY: Since shower heads are known to harbor high concentrations of harmful bacteria, keeping them clean is essential. Developed by world leader in antimicrobial innovation, Microban® Technology works 24/7 on molecular level to protect product surfaces from Mold, Mildew and Bacteria. It never washes off or wears away, always keeps your shower head cleaner between cleanings and provides Life-long Antimicrobial Protection against product degradation

  • 6-SETTING RAINFALL & HAND SHOWERS PLUS ANTIMICROBIAL SLIP-FREE GRIP: Use them separately or together! Enjoy Wide Rainfall, Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, Convenient Water-saving ON-OFF Pause Mode and multiple mixed settings. Giant 6" and 4.3" Heads with Antimicrobial / Anti-clog Jets deliver amazing water pressure and extra-wide flow coverage! Antimicrobial Slip-Free Handle provides more safety and hygiene for hand-held use. Ideal for children, elderly & disabled.

  • TOP-QUALITY SET: Patented 3-way Water Diverter with Angle-Adjustable Bracket for hands-free pampering / Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Hose with extra-thick pressure-reinforced inner tubing for more durability / Solid Brass Metal Hose Nuts will not leak, strip or crack / 100% Spot-resistant All-surface Chrome-plated finish will not chip or scratch / Includes Removable 2.5 gpm Flow Regulator, All Washers & Plumber's Tape. EASY TOOL-FREE CONNECTION without plumber. Fits any standard shower arm.

  • AMERICA'S TOP DESIGNER SHOWER BRAND! Why even consider cheap products from unknown sellers with suspicious reviews? Now you can get a genuine HotelSpa® Quality directly from manufacturer with over 29,000 verified positive Amazon seller reviews! Trusted by millions of Americans for unmatched value, performance & reliability, it is one of America's top-rated shower brands. Lifetime Warranty on all parts and U.S. Customer Support Team with trained shower experts to help you by phone or email.