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Planning a Cruise with my GF

RFID Leather passport cover,

Last time I took a trip where I needed my passport. (my first time ever needing a passport) I wasn't protected (or my things were not I should say)... Nothing happened luckily, but that doesn't mean it never will...   So I got the BF and I matching passport covers. These are supposed to protect against our cards being scanned and taken over by criminals.

USB phone charger cables by #Omars

If you're like me, a techie, you have a million of these laying around. If you have kids, you also have a million sitting away for backups, because kids with their own Tech, the younger they are, the rougher they are on the cables, there for you are having to throw cables away left and right after the kids have abused them.

 I am on the search constantly for Cute ones for myself, but also, Super fast at charging.. 

Microfiber Yoga towels by #winis

In looking for a great, light weight,  absorbent towels for just about every need.   Microfiber towels are perfect for bathing,  swimming, yoga, Any sport really. 

Advanced teeth whitening strips horizontal line

Dental Duty
Advanced teeth whitening strips


“28 strips. Super whitening. Whiter teeth after the first use. Professional results. No irritation and completely safe to use. Dental Duty teeth whitening strips is designed with patented polymer and bedding technology and high adhesive formula which can produce a strong adhesion so that it will be closely attached to the teeth. Dental Duty teeth whitening strips bring a more comfortable experience than the gel whitening strips it is a newer more conventional and more comfortable teeth whitening product. Engineered slipping Dash free design makes it the most favorable teeth whitening product. Dental Duty teeth whitening strips has up to two hours of high-strength that he's in tightly attached to the teeth it will not fall off or shift from the teeth even if the user swims runs or drinks water it will bring a new unparalleled teeth whitening experience. Dental Duty teeth whitening strips can completely resist the decomposition of currently available on the market.”

As usual remember to click on the images to bring up the entire enlarged image
That quote was taken directly off of the box.

Now for my opinion

From the moment that I peeled the first strip off I could tell that it looks and feels completely different than any other tooth whitening strip on the market. Which the company states that and I have to agree. You don't have to dry your teeth off I enjoyed that part.
One thing I feel they mention on the back of the box that I do not agree with is that it says that the strips can resist the decomposition of saliva provide the best teeth whitening power.
Honestly with my experience for the first time use my saliva was breaking it down within 20 minutes and it was leaving a very very thick gel type of substance that I can honestly say had a better flavor than the other strips out on the market but I hesitate in stating this gunk or gel that was produced from the mixture of my saliva and the strips was very unpleasant. It made my mouth feel dry if you can imagine that. And secondly after 45 minutes I needed to take the strips off so that I could go about my day and they are definitely right when they say that they are made of high-strength adhesion.
I noticed that I had one heck of a time trying to get these off. The bottom came off fairly easy but I could feel it tugging on my teeth quite well. And when I went to pull the top one off it was as if the strip was disintegrating and falling apart but not easily falling apart I was having to pull quite hard and it actually started to hurt my tooth because it was staying connected to my tooth. I ended up having to wash my mouth out with hot water not warm just to get most of it off then some Still Remains so I put my toothbrush and hot water and brushed my teeth until the strip came off.
I think they have a great idea going here except maybe they should make it not quite as sticky as it is. At least in my opinion I feel that the strips should release from the teeth just a tad bit easier and possibly they need to strengthen the decomposition so that it's not a lie when they state that the saliva from your mouth will not decompose the strip because at this point in standing it is a lie just after 20 minutes your saliva will decompose the strips just not enough to get them off your darn teeth instead you end up with a gooey Mass all over your teeth and in your mouth.
The best thing I can say about these strips is that I did notice right away a tone change in my teeth for the better. I will be giving these strips a second and possibly a third try to see if maybe I just need to take them off sooner or possibly leave them on for 2 hours and see if they come off easier after that. However as far as other people are concerned two hours of wearing these is not exactly convenient for most people as most people have to work in Social environments and I'm not so sure they're going to want to have this gooey look on their teeth if they ever have to smile at someone.
If you do decide to purchase these teeth strips I won't say that I recommend them but I will not say that I do not recommend them either. If you do purchase them my recommendations would be. Be prepared. Use tweezers to get them off your teeth but first rinse your mouth and salty lukewarm water. And brush your teeth with warm water no toothpaste afterwards. Rinse your mouth out well it does tend to leave a little bit of a bitter taste in your mouth.
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Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions or comments. Keep it clean and nice people please

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