USB phone charger cables by #Omars

If you're like me, a techie, you have a million of these laying around. If you have kids, you also have a million sitting away for backups, because kids with their own Tech, the younger they are, the rougher they are on the cables, there for you are having to throw cables away left and right after the kids have abused them.

 I am on the search constantly for Cute ones for myself, but also, Super fast at charging.. 

Well, Lucky or Unlucky for me.. I bought this one, NO don't get me wrong it's not a bad one.. It's awesome, or so I hear.  I accidentally bought the wrong kind for my type of phone..  It was an awesome price and I couldn't pass it up. I swear I spend around $50 or more a month on charge cables.  This one actually fits my niece and my son's phones.  I keep it in the car so they can use it if need be when they are with me..   They say it's super fast at charging.. SOOO.. I am pleased.

This one didn't set me back any more than my normal ones. So No loss.   Isn't it adorable though.. If you like it and you can use the type c charging cable / USB.. You can pick one up here where I got this one.. For just $6.99

OMARS USB Type C To USB Cable 1 Meter/3.3 Feet Hi-speed Type A to Type C (USB C to USB A) Cable for Google Pixel, LG G5 G6, Samsung Galaxy S8, HTC 10 and More 

  • √Omars Type-C Male to Type-C Male Cable; Compatible with Apple Mac Book, Google Chrome Book Pixel, Nokia N1 Tablet, Toshiba Astrea, etc.
  • √Enjoy Instant Transfer: Up to 480Mbps Data Transfer; Solid Oxygen-free Bare Copper Conductor; Built with High Quality Nickel-plated Connector Head and Gold-plated Connector Pins.
  • √Smart Power Charging: Maximum Charging at 3A, 5V DC; Automatically Delivers the Charging Power According to the Power Source and Charged Devices, 45K Ohm Resister Ensures that Devices Only Draw as Much Electricity as the Host Can Provide.
  • √A Cable to Lasts Longer: Five Layers of Shielding Including Three Layers of Isolations and Two Layers of Wrappings.
  • √ Certified by CC, FE, RoHS; Meets USB-IF Specifications, 12-Month Guarantee and Lifetime Professional Service.