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What an Egg-cellent Idea

Egg poachers/ boilers

 Egg boil/poachers - as seen on TV.

Little individual containers for each egg...


Product Review: IEnkidu Whitening Perfect Comfort Fit Upper Lower Teeth Veneer

Disturbing results on this one.

I hadn't had a chance to get my makeup or anything on. Sorry for how I look. 
Anyway,  Bought these off as well..

I am amazed that they still have it up on the site. They have 3 reviews all bad. They removed my review as well as many others that have had a terrible experience.

Description taken from purchase page:  Type in Red is my comments.
About this product
  1. Fix Your Smile At Home In Minutes - Hmmm... NOT
  2. Simple Fitting Instructions. Bright White Coloring, Will Not Stain - Came with NO instructions at all. When I contacted seller, he/she wasn't helpfull at all. They typed with very bad english something about heating them up. I told them, DUH. I already did that.  They were way too small to begin with..  One size fits all my ass. Plus, soaking them in boiling water DID NOTHING. They were still hard as rocks.
  3. Super Comfortable Cosmetic Teeth, Comfort Fit - Didn't fit, so NO not comfortable.
  4. Ultra Thin Flex Technology Minimizes Speech Disruption well when I put them up to my teeth, since they wouldn't actually go into my  mouth. Obviously I couldn't talk.
  5. Custom Fit them over your natural teeth.  absolutely a lie.. So either I have enormous teeth, bigger than a mans. Or these were made for children.
Here is how they actually look.Excuse my messiness. this was before I was getting ready.

In the end. I highly recommend..  DO NOT TAKE SHORT CUTS
Buying these types of things Hardly EVER work.
If your teeth are unpleasant, try to just set something up with your dentist if you have one.
I realize why you would want to go this route. For the same reason I did.  Dental work is expensive.
My teeth were so bad though, I couldn't afford to go to a dentist yet.  I am going to get them fixed down the road as I am patiently saving money.

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