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Penne in Creamy Red vodka sauce

Cooking is something I have always love to do. As with most ladies my age, my grandparents, aunts, uncles all taught me what they know about cooking. My mom threw in her special touch too. at the time I was being taught some fancier things with food (I was 12)  I really wasn't interested. Why should I, mom cooked my meals and why would I want wine in my sauce? YUK.

Well, I am all grown up and as of the age of 21 (when I had my first child), I decided it was time to start bringing out all I was taught. Plus I'm not the only kid in my family that loved to cook. My brother does too and he takes it seriously like I do, he is an amazing cook.

The New Hellboy Movie (Review)

Before you begin reading You must know that there are spoiler alerts in this review.

The first thing I noticed right off is that the new Hellboy’s attitude and persona are completely different from the original. The original ( Ron Pearlman ) was a gruff, strong, manly, angry and depressed sort.

 I also should mention, for those LADY Hellboy fans...  The first time the shirt comes off, you notice right away. New Hellboy has much bigger pecks than old Hellboy. No offense Ron. The Body also looks more realistic to me, on the NEW Hellboy.
See image above

This new Hellboy is not only, from what I see, about 2 feet shorter than the original. He seems to be shorter than many of the characters in this movie. You will just have to see the movie to know what I am talking about. 

I enjoyed that, at least they kept some of the main stories similar to the original. Not much though.

There are quite a few small tidbits that are completely different and that is why I think it makes it a movie all of its own.

Before watching this movie I was extremely excited to find out who the man was that was playing the character of Hellboy.

If you are a fan of the Stranger Things series, as I am, then you will be quite pleased with the Hellboy persona David harbor, known as sheriff Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, brought to the movie.   

  It was easy to recognize that he brought in some of his “Sheriff Hopper” personality into his Hellboy character.  

You can tell right away that there is quite a bit of Odd humor, in my opinion, to this movie. Mix that in with a variety of serious and very bloody gory moments.

 I just haven’t figured out exactly what kind of humor, comedy it was. I just can’t put a label on it yet.

This movie was chock full of familiar faces like Ian McShane, who plays Hellboy’s “father” for three lack of a better name for him... Ian McShane played Ray in the Game of Thrones.

Milla Jovovich from, playing the bad guy, or bad lady sorceress known as Nimue.  Best known for her main character role in one of my favorite movies of all time, 5th Element. She also played in another great, creepy movie series, Resident Evil...

Tomas Haden church, also played in Spiderman 3 as the villain, sandman, who was pointed out in 3 to be the man that actually killed Peter Parker’s Uncle...

Daniel day Kim (Hellboy’s sidekick and changeling friend, the man-cat) you may know him from Insurgent, divergent, more recently, TV series The Good DR. He has been in a lot of awesome movies as a lead character over the years. 

Put all of these characters together and you have one hell of a weird movie.

 In comparison to the original, there is no comparison, it’s a box office hit in its own right. However, I still love the original more.

The main focus in this version of Hellboy is, that he is actually the lineage of King Arthur, a direct descendant if you will. To be honest, I’m trying to wrap my head around how that even could be. The writers certainly did have a grand imagination trying not to add too much similarity to the original...

 The way it was explained is that King Arthur’s daughter and later descendants are all females.  Daughter having daughter, having daughter, having daughter until Hellboy’s mother falls in love with & marries a demon that takes her directly to hell to give birth to Hellboy,  and so this is how our favorite red guy is born. The movie goes on to explain how he is the descendant of King Arthur and the true ruler of humankind.

 Hellboy the king of hell and King of England fighting side-by-side with a young psychic girl with special powers to help her fight evil, and an oriental man that can turn into a man cat, similar to the way set a werewolf bites a human and that human becomes a werewolf.

In the end all I can say is that I liked it one minute, the next minute, I didn’t like it, them back to looking it again and now I have to watch it again because I really think I missed a lot the first time around. Just because it was a tad hard keeping up with and making sense of the story.  


The story is nonsense, but isn’t that what it’s all about.  I was recently told that Movies do not have to make sense or be realistic to be entertaining.  Although, I personally enjoy movies that have a real story behind them.  Sci-Fi is just Nonsense (or in some peoples minds - Conspiracy theories)
I have grown to love Sci-fi very much

Sumpri Marshmallow Roasting sticks (#ad #review)

Sumpri Marshmallow Roasting sticks

My family and I just bought this house a few months ago. We have been doing a lot of work to it, inside and out. One of our plans is to build an outdoor fire pit. As soon as we can get it built in the backyard, our kids are going to love roasting over the pit.   We are hoping to make one similar to this one.

Nonsense and Fun part 2

Snap chat is at it again.   

Please don't hate me, this obsession will pass soon enough
if you didn't know it already. They put new filters in randomly throughout the day, every day. So if you find a favorite. Use it now. It may or may not come back into circulation, it all depends on how popular it is.
"watch this video I made for you all"

Spiderman: Far from home (movie review) Spoiler alert

I enjoyed it. although I was reluctant because I wasn't sure that Tom Holland was
going to make a good spiderman. The beginning was good, it starts out with a memorium 
to the fallen Avengers in their last Movie: Avengers end game

Just in case some of you haven't seen it, I wont give it away. I will just say this.
I was very unhappy to see certain characters Ending their careers, although we all knew it was coming. You can only make so many in a series with the same actors / actresses before they get too old and people want to see fresh younger faces.

This is my believe as to why they Chose Tom Holland to play Spiderman.
a sort of, intro to the new Avengers gang.
"Mouth zipped now"

All about the Free Stuff

Free stuff

pages   / websites claiming to be giving away free stuff.  Book mark and share this post as I will be updating it as new places pop up.
Don't forget to click on the images to enlarge them.

No shipping, no strings, and not related to freebies:

But since I mentioned freebies..  I don't think very many people win, because I have entered every single one of them every other day each month for several months now. I still haven't even won a piece of gum. lol  (If you have won one of these.  Post it here or on one of my social medias - find this post share. comment and let me know what you won)

On to the Good one's that actually are legit.

actual LOCAL freebies.

Get paid Cash for socially promoting brands

Get Paid

Following in the series of How at home moms, grandmoms etc can make money online.

This is my review and list of Places to sign up to get paid cash, for promoting Branded Content

Get paid to have a car decal on your car. LEGIT places

Today we are talking about. Companies that pay you to advertise their business on your car.

Yes, real ones exist.

Must DO:                           The first of the Decal companies In the DO list is

House Under Construction part 1

Before remodel started
on the other side of this image is the space for the washer/dryer hookup
and the Huge bathroom, that will not affect what you see here.
 My Mother in laws is reaching those last couple years of her life,  My Fiance and I decided we wanted to help make her as comfortable as possible for her final years. Help take on much of the responsibilities allowing her to quit her job and retire.  She put the down payment on the house that My fiance and I picked out...  And She pays a third of the bills from her retirement funds, but we plan to keep her with us till the day she leaves to go see her mother.

Where I am going with this is that we have a 3,239 sq ft home. Top, as well as 2,500 sq ft semi, finished basement.  We moved into the home 6 months ago, getting it prepped for her arrival. She arrived a month early so we didn't get started on remodel until a month after she got here from out of state.

Keep in mind I will not show the house (outside)

Unfinished (was old 2 car garage) Turning this into Bedroom and storage

The basement already had a fully functioning kitchen and living space, but no bedroom or bathroom.  That is what we have been working on for the last three months.

As it stands when we bought it. It was a 4 bedroom and 2 baths (upstairs)
The HUGE kitchen upstairs, HUGE living area Upstairs, existing LRG laundry area upstairs.

When we are finished it will be nearly 3, 000 sq ft finished in the basement, making the house a whopping 5 bedrooms, master bed w/on-suite upstairs, Lrg bedroom with on-suite downstairs, 2 fully functioning Laundry rooms - 1 full room and the other in basement a closet type laundry area.
 a spare bathroom (full) upstairs. 2 car garage with room to grow.

Keep up with me as we update...

Make Up Organizer - Giveaway & Review

Good morning folks. I hope you are having a great day.   So, I get up this morning and start getting ready for the day, and I walk outside to see that I had a package... I have ordered a lot of things, so it's Christmas morning when I open packages to see what I got today.

New Hat for Wine Lovers


Bought a new hat at Sam's Club today.

Just thought it suited me Fantabulously.

Fun using Snap Chat

How do You know when you're bored?

Well, this is how I know when I am.

I have a lot to do around this house, raising 3 kids every other week, watching grandkidss on Wednesdays (3 more) as well as a  5 BD 3 Full Bath house, finished basement  to clean.

But yet I have no problem finding time to waste an hour (or three) on social media goofing off..
My mother would smack me..

If the videos are not showing a preview. Just click the play button (maybe twice, once to load and the second time to play) to get it to play.  Blogger is having a hiccup


Super Funny (IMO)

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