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House Under Construction part 2

A few weeks have passed since my post.  My fiance got all the demo and rough in done (he is in construction, so, that's his job)  We got an electrician to come bid the job, the plumber came and bid the job. We have our guys.
Click the image, use arrows to navigate the Slide show

We stupidly paid the Electrician upfront half the money. He didn't act like he knew what he was doing. it took him three trips to get supplies because he "kept forgetting what he needed". Finally got started on the job. worked for an hour, went home we didn't see him again for a week. He came back by, was here for a few seconds then "gone" we never saw him again. The fiance kept calling him, the guy kept saying "I will be there tomorrow". He never showed up. So, it's been two and a half weeks, we have called other electricians, they wanted way too much. So finally our plumber said " hey I know a guy"  I'm here to say, HIS GUY, is the best.  Side note, every electrician we talked to said they had used "our guy" many times and were astonished that he did so bad with us. Some said nothing else, some said they would drop the guy themselves as well.

Tripod Makeup mirror for phone

No power to it

If you have been following along with my reviews lately. I have started doing some Beauty product reviews again.  With my aging skin, I need to make sure I don't look like a clown.. lol. The only way to do that is to make sure I have makeup on in natural lighting or in lighting that you would see in a grocery store, etc.  Why? because if you put makeup on in low light, you see your skin differently so you could be putting on the wrong shades, or just missing places on your face altogether.  We don't want that.   SO I am testing out a few options for lighting.  That is, lighting that is inexpensive, I am, after all a Grama on a budget.

My Happiness is yours and my success is your success.

Tattoo makeup concealer kit Review

Hello folks.  This is something I have been meaning to try out for quite a while. When I was 25 I got a tattoo that goes from knee to ankle. Not a huge tattoo but big enough.  At the time I was a stay at home mom, no job to worry about, didn't have to consider my appearance to anyone but myself and my husband.  Well, Now that my kids are grown and out of my home, I am looking at getting a job that would require me to present myself professionally in the business industry.  I didn't think about how this day would come and my only choice would be to work where it's okay to show off tattoo's or wear pants/jeans all the time.

Yes, society is judgemental... NO, I shouldn't care and should get a job that I love where people accept me for who I am.  That is all good and fine, but personally, I love secretarial work and I am a firm believer in making the customer comfortable.  This is my personal preference.

New improved Magnetic liner & eyelash set

As for my experience,

I tried straight up magnetic eyelashes a few years ago. It was a top and bottom lash that was supposed to snap together, easy peasy.... you can read how well that went HERE

Today is a new day, a new product and a new experience.   Please note, this is not something I do daily. Therefore, I made several attempts over 5 days before giving this conclusion.

Putting on eyeliner has never been my forte. I didn't use it when I was younger for that reason, I always felt like a clown.

Before lashes

After lashes
I love false eyelashes, I was getting them every now and again when I had the $110 to spare or if I got the session as a gift from my gal pal.  I do like the permanent part of the glue on eyelashes, however, I have allergy skin especially itchy around my eyes, glue on eyelashes made that impossible for me to function. I was always rubbing my eyes and watching as eyelashes just fell off onto my cheek...  I did also love how I could step out without any makeup on because the lashes gave the appearance that I had eyeliner on.

Honestly, I think they look pretty darn good.

I followed the directions exactly, and the first few times, I realized, I just didn't have the eyeliner on thick enough.  Then, I would get the liner on the right eye perfect, the left eye, looked like a mangled mess...  I will get better (I hope).

Official name and description on the purchase page

Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit-5D Mink Natural False Eyelashes -Fake Long Eyelashes No Glue-3 Pairs Pack

Well, I think over time I will get used to putting on eyeliner, I mean, it doesn't look horrible. The Eyelashes did stick to the liner quite well, so I believe hey would have lasted at the least, a few hours. They didn't look as real as I had hoped.  The eyelashes were very long, too long, for me. However, I trimmed them down and they looked pretty good to me.  It wouldn't be my everyday choice, but it would be my in-a-pinch choice.

Removing the eyelashes is painless (unlike glued on lashes), as well as, I did not lose any natural lashes. Definitely on the plus side.

The unboxing videos

*Disclosure:  I was given this item at a discount so that I may test the product and give feedback to the company on improving their product.  I always give the company/person my honest opinion be it good, bad or even ugly. I only work for companies that appreciate my honest opinion.

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My New Best Friend (Leopard Gaming Chair Review)

Finally, I have a real office, desk, gaming chair that I can proudly say, I love it.  I have been waiting for a very long time to get one of these.  It's here. And I got it in my favorite color too.

I'm going to tell you a little about this chair.

The Leopard gaming chair I believe was made just for me. The back is tall enough for me to rest my head in the proper place.  It came with a neck cushion and a back cushion (which, I apologize, I had the pillows reversed in the picture above.)

At first, it seemed like the chair was too, stiff, not soft enough on the "bottom". After using for almost 2 weeks now, I have come to realize just how comfy and relaxing this chair really is. Whether being used for an office desk or gaming chair, it's functionality is above and beyond at keeping me relaxed.

1. The chair has an excellent ergonomic shape that fits your body, it was super easy to put together as you will see in my youtube video, my 12 yr old stb-stepson, 6 yr old grandson, and 5 yr old grandaughter helped me put the chair together. As a matter of fact, my grandson is seen doing most of the work tightening the screws. That kid is strong. He showed a good sense of how things work.   Anyway. There were A LOT of parts, but the instructions were perfect and easy to understand. I only needed my fiances to help on the very last part, getting the right side screwed into the back panel. The holes weren't lining up for me, I wasn't strong enough to squeeze it together and screw the pieces.  Other than that, I think anyone from the age of 10 and up, that can read instructions and lift the parts, can put this chair together.  See the youtube video below for this.

2. As for the functionality of the chair, and as any office chair can, it can raise up and down with ease, as well as 360 degrees turning if you decided you need to make yourself dizzy.

3. It can rock, not as much as my old chair, but that is the only thing I liked about my old chair, this one is way better so I will be ok with, not so much rocking capability.

4.  This part amazed me. You can lay the back down almost completely flat. I wish I had taken a video of when my son tested this part out. He lay it all the way back, said it felt unstable, but then when he lifted his legs up in the air (testing to see if it would topple over), it never went anywhere. He should have fallen over backward, but the base of the chair is so sturdy it kept him from falling.   That is awesome in my book. Not that I plan on ever needing to lay down in the chair, but you never know.

5. Easy-glide wheels that work so good on carpet Low carpet (see video) that is, I do not know if they work quite so well on shag... Does shag even still exist?

6.  The armrests, not as functional as I wish they were. My old chair. I could fold the arms back to where they were flush with the back of the chair. (see picture).  These arms are great in their own rights, they swivel left and right and up and down.  I will miss being able to fold the arms out of my way. (Leopard - that's a hint to work on for the next model)

watch the youtube video click the image

you can get one for yourself here. 

I received this product in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Karvipark H-10 Gaming Headset #review

The only thing I didn't like is that the distance between ears and top of the head for me, the earphones were too long. Have to stuff something there so the earmuffs don't go past my ears. Made for bigger headed people I suppose.

 The controls are easy to use and clearly marked so you don't get confused. On the face of the sound adjuster, you have up for mic off and down for mic on. On the side of the adjuster, it had a little toggle roller up for louder and down for softer.  It comes with an adapter cord to easily attach to the computer, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

Otherwise, the sound quality is fantastic, it cancels out a considerable amount of external noise. (I have three step kids and 3 grandchildren running around). I especially love that the mic is moveable, more so than the kind that just goes up and down.  It picks up my voice with minimal disturbance. I do have to try not to slur words... Just MY problem.

 The controls are easy to use and clearly marked so you don't get confused. On the face of the sound adjuster, you have up for mic off and down for mic on. On the side of the adjuster, it had a little toggle roller up for louder and down for softer.  It comes with a  cord to easily attach to the computer, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

I can't pronounce the name Masacegon, but who cares. It's a great headset, so now my daughter and I can play games together. I think I am giving her this set, her head is bigger. lol

You can find it on amazon

Watch my video review at

or watch it here

Desk Top makeup Mirror #review

 Not sure about you, but my bathroom has no windows, and my bedroom is very low lit. Finding a place to put on my makeup where the end results won’t look I was interviewing to be a kids party clown.

I have received a few different mirrors of sorts. You will read new item reviews as we go..

Today this one is about the Desktop LED-Lit Makeup mirror, it has 4 different mirrors

Here is what we have:

“21 LED Light vanity mirror has 21 high quality LED lights, It is controlled by the touch sensor in front, after turning on the power switch in the back. You can dim or brighten up the lights with a long press of the “touch button”. This allows you to see your face/makeup on your face more clearly in 0-low and even dark area’s (rooms)  “

“3x Magnification Meets all of Your Demands: There are 3 magnifying panels on the makeup mirror for you to see your facial features and tiny details more clearly.  The high definition makeup mirror is especially specifically for eye makeup, such as eyeliner, putting on eyelashes, fixing eyebrows or mascara. it can help you to perfect every detail when you make up.”

“The Mirror gives you 180 Degree Free Rotation that stands on your countertop or desk with ease and can be freely adjusted. The180 degree rotation gives you the ability to meet your specific needs for your face shape and size.”

Curious as to how it works
Watch my Review video - using the mirror - in action

“This Double Power Supply mirror is an LED vanity mirror that can either be operated by 4 pcs AAA batteries (not included) or USB cable, NO adapter for wall charging included. This mirror can not store power by itself. It can’t work with USB and battery-powered at the same time you do have to choose one or the other. You are not restricted to USB, you can get a wall plug adapter normally used for cell phones (android) and you can take the mirror anywhere there is an outlet.”

 “This wouldn’t be my first choice, although it would be my second choice. I would like to see one like this, that has the adjustable neck (the part that sits on the table) to not just 360 turns, but to extend up or down as well.  I have a long torso so the light sitting on a desk or a countertop makes it so I have to lean down. I prefer to look straight ahead at the mirror. Tilting the mirror up and seeing my face sag downward at my age is not how I want to apply my makeup.    I am still giving this mirror a 5 star, simply because it works perfectly as described, the quality is perfect, the lights are Super bright, the options and functions are spot-on and It’s small enough to travel with me via batteries or USB/plug...”

Product review

*Disclosure:  I was given this item at a discount so that I may test the product and give feedback to the company on improving their product.  I always give the company/person my honest opinion be it good, bad or even ugly. I only work for companies that appreciate my honest opinion.

To fit or not to fit. That is the question F Feych ear buds

Ok, I get that the title of this post is “cliche” but that’s what popped in my head.   It’s a real struggle for people.

Enough comedy (or not) I am not sure if I have weird shaped earholes, (lol) or what is going on but finding a good Bluetooth earbud or headset that fits inside my insanely weird shaped ears has been a long challenge for me.

 I have not found one yet, that fits inside my ear and stays put. Most that I have bought and tried so far, as soon as I start to talk they fall out right away from my right ear.  Yes, I changed out the size of the piece that fits in your ear. Either get more loose, or so big I couldn’t even get it in my ear.   It’s funny, I have been wearing earplugs at night for over 20 years (shhh, don’t try to guess my age) because of insomnia, I have grown to like that tight fit inside the ear that closes out outside noise. It’s not been any different in trying to find quality earbuds that fit and sound awesome and have a great distance away from the phone to still work. In my search for the best Earbud/earpieces, Bluetooth headset, or whatever, for using hands-free in my car or when walking around stores, etc.
Bitmoji ImageSlight of supergluing the buds inside my ear, and honestly I don’t want to do that, I’m am still on the lookout for that “perfect” pair.

 I was offered to test and review this one.

F Feych Bluetooth Headset.  I paid 16.99,  I know, it's cheap, but I liked that it had that extra earbud you can connect to the main piece so you have one for each ear if you want it.  I liked that it has the over the ear hook (even though I will have to get new ones this one is too tight around MY ear). That little piece helps keep it on my ear since the, for the lack of a better word, inside rubber pieces, don’t quite give me a comfortable fit that I prefer.

I am in love with the 24 Hr talking time feature. I left it to sit for many days (because I kept forgetting I had it) and when I finally took it with me one day, It lasted the 12 hrs I was out and about, and still had power the next day. A major plus for me. Also, the quality of sound is fantastic, for the issues I mentioned above, I have to push in on the earpiece to make outside sounds go away... Probably just my weird ears.. it was Real easy to connect to my phone, android, through blue tooth. The “voice” tells you in a very legible voice, that they are connected or not.  It does come with a “weather resistant” case, but that’s not something I worry about too much. it is cute though.
Saving the best for last.

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My favorite feature is that I can leave my phone upstairs and go down to my “wifi hating” basement and the Earpiece stays connected...Yes, spotty in a few dark corners, but it connects.

I will definitely keep these as the ones I use until I find a better fitting, also affordable earpiece headsets.

Check out the Official Youtube video HERE:   or you can see if this one will play for you.

** Disclosure: there is no disclosure. I bought this product on my own with no other coupons given to me... I always give an honest test and review. Even if I get a discount on a product because a good journalist always tells the facts.

Healthy Kids Snacks Monthly subscription

A monthly subscription for $39 a month, Brought to you by GREAT Kids Snacks Box

They are committed to supporting healthy kids and Happy families. Don’t we need more of that? Nowadays parents are all in a rush, most families have to have both parents working.  For Example, My son and his Fiance just had their first baby on Easter 2019. They wanted for her to stay home with the baby at least for the first year, but here it is only 3 months later and Mom had to get back to work. My son was working double shifts to try to keep them above water.  Believe it or not. His income put them just over the amount to get assistance. Babies are NOT cheap.   My oldest son is in the same situation, he and his wife have 3 kids, one is special needs. They both have to work nonsense hours for little pay and don’t qualify for assistance except the military where my son was for years.
Check out the video to see what Brands were included
in my box

Why do I mention all that?  It’s because Busy moms and dads don’t have time to spend hours working on healthy, fresh meals for the kids anymore. Fresh veggies, foods with no preservatives and still watching out for Problem foods/allergies...

It’s terrible...  So if this is one way I can help contribute to my grand-babies getting healthy snacks then I am all for it.

My First Gratsy sample box

 I had gotten this tiny little box in the mail today. Wasn't exactly sure about what it was because, honestly, I sign up for so many freebies I forget what's coming. I guess that way it makes it a surprise.     I signed up on a whim, because I saw my  Niece was doing it. Thought, Ok, sounds like fun.

Gratsy by Whalar

How it works.  Through Facebook (Instagram and Snapchat)

As they say:

Birthdays, reviews and more, oh my!

I've been getting into gaming wear. Well, I have, finally, a gaming chair coming. I'm so freaking excited.  How well can you tell that I am a geek now.

Not to mention I am reviewing another gaming headset.  my daughter wants the red/black ones. I have a different brand blue/black coming. Can't wait to tell you all about how I like/dislike them.

Then I and my step son Just had a shared Birthday, I turned 49 he is turning 8.  He says I am old, even though his gamma lives with us.  Yeah, I am the old one. lol.. Just kidding.

I decided to let him have choice of cake. He chose raspberry chocolate and Pokemon related.  after I finish the video I will upload it. Here is the cake though. And I might ad that everyone thought it was my best cake yet...  Kudos to the Cake making/decorating classes I took with my Cousin Mouse. (Melissa).  All those tips we learned have come in handy.  I will not give up those secrets for a very long time. I want my cakes to stay the best.


Other updates

I have waited almost 6 months to be seen by my pain medicine doc.  I have been without pain meds for that long..  I am praying he will do the procedure now instead of pain killers

cross your fingers.

Muzili Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speakers

Muzili Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speakers 
Buy one here for 19.99 (as of Aug 2019)

I have been needing to get another one for so long.  It seems like every time I buy one, one of my kids needs a new one so I give it to them.  This search has been an interesting one, did you know they come in all sizes, shapes and even waterproof?
I didn't know that. So It is very hard to choose which one I need the most.

Muzili baby adult thermometer (#ad #review)

What the product describes on its site:

  • 【Accurate&Reliable】Ultra sensitive infrared sensor of Muzili baby thermometer collects more than 100 data points per second. Muzili thermometer for fever is Pediatrician-recommended and FDA-approved.
  • 【5 IN 1 Temporal Thermometer】Not only forehead ear thermometer, but also used to measure liquid, room, food temp. Good back to school gift for student of keeping track temperature!!
  • 【Fast Reading and Easy Use】Only one second to get the measured data by one button operating, we can read it clearly even in total darkness with back lit LCD display.
  • 【Intelligent Fever Indicators】Light up different colors to indicate baby fever or not. Green for normal, orange for light fever, red for high fever.
  • 【What you get】1x Thermometer for fever, 2x AAA Batteries, 1x Storage Pouch, 1x User Manual, 60 days return or refund service, 24 months warranty, life-time top-rated customer service.

With my kids growing up, I tried out many digital thermometers, only one of them would get close to the right temp. It was hard to find one that was accurate, however, that was over 20 years ago too.  Now my middle child just had a new baby on Easter Sunday. I have been collecting items for them that I know they need.  I tried this one out on my step kids. One of them is still very young. I know what my temp is and it was on the dot accurate. My temp usually rungs around 97.8 to 97.9 so I know it is accurate.

My personal Temperature

  So I ran my step sons temperature.

 It said it was 98.5  That is when I knew it was the right thermometer for my kids.

step sons reading

I love that it has the ultra sensitive infrared sensor.  That is why it is so accurate. Beside the fact that you don't have to stick with the forehead, you can scan use it to measure the temperature of the baby's bath or other liquids. You can check food temp and Room Temp.

For water, food measurements you just touch the tip sensor to the food hold the scan button down till it beeps.

For the Room. Just hold it out in front of you and repeat, hold scan button until it beeps. I went outside and this is the temp it gave me:

Room temp

     One of the best features is that it holds onto at least 21 different temps, (there could possibly be way more than that) you program it in by hitting the button below the screen, find one that isn't used and then run the child or adults temperature. It will automatically be saved and give it a number for easy recall. The direction manual shows you exactly how to take the temperature. It was very easy to use.

Please be sure to keep the tip clean by using alcohol wipes. That is what I did for years. If you want to know otherwise, you can ask the manufacturer or Seller -Muzili Direct: that is the name of the Thermometer (here, where I bought mine)

Here is my video review on YouTube

*Disclosure:  I was given this item at a discount so that I may test the product and give feedback to the company on improving their product.  I always give the company/person my honest opinion be it good, bad or even ugly. I only work for companies that appreciate my honest opinion.

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Shifave Makeup sponges #review

I made an investment the other day. In myself. I was at a point where I felt, It just wasn't worth the effort to put makeup on anymore. It always made me look like a circus freak.  Shoot,, snap chat put makeup on me perfect, but no luck in person.
I tried everything.  I even tried sponges once too.  However, I was not using them properly, so I gave up on them.

I decided to revisit the idea, getting older doesn't mean I have to accept the sun damage, the aging skin, etc. at least not completely, right...?

·         4 Pcs high-quality multi-functional makeup sponges, made of hydrophilic non-latex, soft and delicate, reduce allergies
·         Wet and dry dual-use: Wet, suitable for the milky or creamy products, such as BB cream, liquid foundation, concealer, sun screen, etc. Wet before use to avoid absorbing too much cosmetics and reduce waste. Dry, suitable for powder cosmetics, such as loose powder, blush, eye shadow, etc.
·         Cute cat sponge holder, made of carbon steel, 2 colors: gold and rose gold. Sturdy and durable, Not easy to fade, not easy to rust, and can keep the luster for a long time. Not only can help you find a suitable place for the powder puff, but also add a life interest to your dressing table
·         Set contains 4 makeup sponges, 1 cute cat makeup sponge holder. Makeup sponges can make your makeup more delicate. The holder can make your beauty sponge stay in the right place, and help it dry after cleaning, and keep away from bacteria, more health
·         Use makeup remover or a neutral cleanser or soap. Squeeze gently and repeatedly, clean the dirt and foundation thoroughly out of the sponge. Then wash the cleaner with clean water. In the end, dry it naturally under ventilated with the holder, avoid direct sunlight. It is recommended that clean it once or twice a week and change it every one to two months

So, now that I watched a video on how to properly use one, it works amazingly. Using it dry will leave your skin looking heavy. You have to wet it completely down (doubling it in size) wring out all the water, first put on moisturizer then use liquid makeup with the sponge.  Once on, the makeup looked like I wasn’t really wearing any, but it covered all my spots, rough patches, sun damage and all. It looks completely natural too. at least it did on me.

Before getting wet, and after

If you are interested in buying these same sponges: You can get them HERE>

*Disclosure:  I was given this item at a discount so that I may test the product and give feedback to the company on improving their product.  I always give the company/person my honest opinion be it good, bad or even ugly. I only work for companies that appreciate my honest opinion.

#ad #review

Droiee’s #Cloud-light for #Baby’s-room

This little cutie was so easy to set up and use. First you have the option of using some AAA batteries. I opted out because I am giving it to my son for his new baby. I just wanted to make sure it worked.  It worked much better than I expected. It puts out a very soft but somewhat bright light (see video). All I had to do was plug the usb connector into a wall plug usually used for a phone charger. (not included in the package).  Turn it on and you are good to go.   I love the soft feel of this lamp…. Plus, if you put batteries in it, you can let the baby play with it. And can you believe it is high efficient energy saving, such a plus for beginning parents on low incomes.

Here is the video review

 *Disclosure:  I was given this item at a discount so that I may test the product and give feedback to the company on improving their product.  I always give the company/person my honest opinion be it good, bad or even ugly. I only work for companies that appreciate my honest opinion.

Beexcellent Blk/Red Gaming Headset

    Beexcellent Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One PC, Surround Sound PS4 Headset with Anti-Noise Mic, Ergonomic Memory Foam Earmuff, Adjustable Headband, Led Light for Laptop Mac iPad Smartphone-Red

    Testing on PC Windows 10 Enterprise:

    Android phone: Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus

         I tested it out on my phone first, being multi-platform. I have to say the sound was amazing. It definitely gives you a surround sound experience. The phone call came through crystal clear, better than the speaker on the phone itself. I really enjoyed the ergonomic ear muffs. The comfort was fantastic. Did I mention it was plug and play... Yeah, it was super easy to set up.  Even for the PC. When I used it on my PC it was just as awesome. 

         Of course, I tested it first, I watched some of my favorite You-tubers, Couldn’t get over the surround sound. Then I created a video for my blog and my voice came out super clear, even though I had 3 young boys “very loudly” running and making lots of noise like kids do.  The recording isolated my voice which is what all bloggers want, especially bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters. 

         The only thing I would change is that the mic Just doesn’t “tuck away” very far, I would love to see it tucked away more into the headset. In the end. My 17 yr old daughter gave it a whirl and tested it much better than I did.. All she could keep saying was WOW (she is the gamer in the family) She asked me if she could have them because her headphones (her dad paid $90 for) were terrible in comparison. I now have to get a pair for my kids and grand-kids because I am not giving mine up. Great Christmas present or Birthday.

    Not very sound proof. I have a fan on my desk. Just a little thing, it's still not really that loud, but I could hear it clear as day.  Then about 100 ft. away, my MIL hollered for me, I heard her with no problems.  So, soundproof/ or sound blocking except when recording from the mic. (external sounds).  No, it doesn't say it is I was just hoping... So NOT complaining just making you aware...

    Test video
    Along with opinion (compared to the normal headset.

    The description of the product

    • ◤Stereo sound effect◥: high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver offers up to a 360-degree soundscape, adds a sense of realism to your gaming session. Hear footsteps and distant gunshots from different directions and save your life wandering around Fatal fields in Fortnight, PUBG or CS: go, etc.
    • Definitely agree with this. The sound coming into the speakers was amazing. Adds a new dimension to anything I listen to.

    • ◤120° noise isolation boom mic◥: accurately pick up your voice and differentiate between background noise and your voice. This will prevent your teammates from hearing the annoying keyboard noises and other background sounds. 120° flexible mic makes it easy to adjust mic position at your will.  It is important to make sure you have set up your microphone to work on your pc first.

    • ◤Ergonomic soft earmuff + adjustable headband + lightweight◥: soft padding and ergonomic ear cups well cover your entire ear, snug and adjustable headband are all designed for comfortable wearing for an extended amount of time No matter what size your head is. Made of light material, weight only 0. 95lb, We try our best to let you enjoy the maximum comfort.
    • This is so true, the earmuffs surround your ear, snug but comfy.

    • ◤MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY◥: PLEASE USE THE 3. 5MM JACK TO CONNECT. One Headset=3+ headsets on different platforms. With 3. 5mm jack, compatible with PS4 Xbox One (Xbox One needs an extra Microsoft adapter, not included), Xbox One S/X PC laptop Mac iPad tablet mobile phone. Any more questions, please contact us directly.

    • ◤RELIABLE SERVICE SUPPORT◥: 18 months and 90 money back, your user experience is what we most cherish. We will make our greatest effort to take responsibility for your shopping experience. Please feel free to contact us, we will reply you in 24 hours.
    • Haven't had to use them...  But the thought that this exists is a tremendous deal.

    Watch the youtube video Here

NAVISKIN Men's Quick Dry Running Shorts

Here are the specs on the shorts.

  • 100% Polyester (I actually love this, the feel is so comfy and it's what The Fiance asked for)
  • Elastic closure (The Fiance loves elastic, not drawstring, but it's nice to know the drawstring is there in case he loses weight)
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT & PERFORATED MESH & QUICK-DRY FABRIC】- wicks sweat away and helps keep you dry and comfortable, perfect for running, basketball, jogging, training, gym, fitness, team sports, outdoor activities, etc.  (Such a plus, when The Fiance gets home from work, it's all he wants to do is get in his comfy shorts and work in the woodshop building things. With summer getting into the temps of 100 F, he sweats a lot. He says walking around in wet shorts is no fun. Glad to be dry, these are my favorite shorts now) We don't do "exercise but for what we DO, these are perfect"
  • 【TWO SIDE POCKETS】- two side pockets for convenience  ( The Fiance can't stand NOT having pockets. I've bought him other shorts before and he just won't wear them,  NO POCKETS)
  • 【ELASTIC WAISTBAND & DRAWCORD】- elastic waistband with interior drawcord for a snug, adjustable fit  (See above comment on Elastic Closure)
  • 【SIDE MOTION VENTS】- for ventilated comfort and freedom to move  ( He loves his shorts so apparently this is a wonderful thing.  He says it feels so breezy)
  • 【REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS】- reflective logo remains visible in low-light conditions (not something my Fiance needs, again, he doesn't "walk/run" or stay out at night...  But it's nice to know actual runners out there will be seen.

What much else is there to say about shorts?  They have all the things a person could want.  Comfort, lightweight, stay dry and great looking at a great price...  When I bought mine it appeared that they had a 10% coupon off of an already low price of $18.99  You can't beat that...  And not to be harsh, but a certain store that starts with WAL, does sell cheaper shorts, but I can guarantee they will not be as good as these. You can check them out HERE. Also, the Ni logo glows in the dark. Reflective.  Pretty sweet (the flash on the camera made it glow)

*Disclosure:  I was given this item at a discount so that I may test the product and give feedback to the company on improving their product.  I always give the company/person my honest opinion be it good, bad or even ugly. I only work for companies that appreciate my honest opinion.

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