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Beexcellent Blk/Red Gaming Headset

    Beexcellent Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One PC, Surround Sound PS4 Headset with Anti-Noise Mic, Ergonomic Memory Foam Earmuff, Adjustable Headband, Led Light for Laptop Mac iPad Smartphone-Red

    Testing on PC Windows 10 Enterprise:

    Android phone: Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus

         I tested it out on my phone first, being multi-platform. I have to say the sound was amazing. It definitely gives you a surround sound experience. The phone call came through crystal clear, better than the speaker on the phone itself. I really enjoyed the ergonomic ear muffs. The comfort was fantastic. Did I mention it was plug and play... Yeah, it was super easy to set up.  Even for the PC. When I used it on my PC it was just as awesome. 

         Of course, I tested it first, I watched some of my favorite You-tubers, Couldn’t get over the surround sound. Then I created a video for my blog and my voice came out super clear, even though I had 3 young boys “very loudly” running and making lots of noise like kids do.  The recording isolated my voice which is what all bloggers want, especially bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters. 

         The only thing I would change is that the mic Just doesn’t “tuck away” very far, I would love to see it tucked away more into the headset. In the end. My 17 yr old daughter gave it a whirl and tested it much better than I did.. All she could keep saying was WOW (she is the gamer in the family) She asked me if she could have them because her headphones (her dad paid $90 for) were terrible in comparison. I now have to get a pair for my kids and grand-kids because I am not giving mine up. Great Christmas present or Birthday.

    Not very sound proof. I have a fan on my desk. Just a little thing, it's still not really that loud, but I could hear it clear as day.  Then about 100 ft. away, my MIL hollered for me, I heard her with no problems.  So, soundproof/ or sound blocking except when recording from the mic. (external sounds).  No, it doesn't say it is I was just hoping... So NOT complaining just making you aware...

    Test video
    Along with opinion (compared to the normal headset.

    The description of the product

    • ◤Stereo sound effect◥: high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver offers up to a 360-degree soundscape, adds a sense of realism to your gaming session. Hear footsteps and distant gunshots from different directions and save your life wandering around Fatal fields in Fortnight, PUBG or CS: go, etc.
    • Definitely agree with this. The sound coming into the speakers was amazing. Adds a new dimension to anything I listen to.

    • ◤120° noise isolation boom mic◥: accurately pick up your voice and differentiate between background noise and your voice. This will prevent your teammates from hearing the annoying keyboard noises and other background sounds. 120° flexible mic makes it easy to adjust mic position at your will.  It is important to make sure you have set up your microphone to work on your pc first.

    • ◤Ergonomic soft earmuff + adjustable headband + lightweight◥: soft padding and ergonomic ear cups well cover your entire ear, snug and adjustable headband are all designed for comfortable wearing for an extended amount of time No matter what size your head is. Made of light material, weight only 0. 95lb, We try our best to let you enjoy the maximum comfort.
    • This is so true, the earmuffs surround your ear, snug but comfy.

    • ◤MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY◥: PLEASE USE THE 3. 5MM JACK TO CONNECT. One Headset=3+ headsets on different platforms. With 3. 5mm jack, compatible with PS4 Xbox One (Xbox One needs an extra Microsoft adapter, not included), Xbox One S/X PC laptop Mac iPad tablet mobile phone. Any more questions, please contact us directly.

    • ◤RELIABLE SERVICE SUPPORT◥: 18 months and 90 money back, your user experience is what we most cherish. We will make our greatest effort to take responsibility for your shopping experience. Please feel free to contact us, we will reply you in 24 hours.
    • Haven't had to use them...  But the thought that this exists is a tremendous deal.

    Watch the youtube video Here

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