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Birthdays, reviews and more, oh my!

I've been getting into gaming wear. Well, I have, finally, a gaming chair coming. I'm so freaking excited.  How well can you tell that I am a geek now.

Not to mention I am reviewing another gaming headset.  my daughter wants the red/black ones. I have a different brand blue/black coming. Can't wait to tell you all about how I like/dislike them.

Then I and my step son Just had a shared Birthday, I turned 49 he is turning 8.  He says I am old, even though his gamma lives with us.  Yeah, I am the old one. lol.. Just kidding.

I decided to let him have choice of cake. He chose raspberry chocolate and Pokemon related.  after I finish the video I will upload it. Here is the cake though. And I might ad that everyone thought it was my best cake yet...  Kudos to the Cake making/decorating classes I took with my Cousin Mouse. (Melissa).  All those tips we learned have come in handy.  I will not give up those secrets for a very long time. I want my cakes to stay the best.


Other updates

I have waited almost 6 months to be seen by my pain medicine doc.  I have been without pain meds for that long..  I am praying he will do the procedure now instead of pain killers

cross your fingers.

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