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Healthy Kids Snacks Monthly subscription

A monthly subscription for $39 a month, Brought to you by GREAT Kids Snacks Box

They are committed to supporting healthy kids and Happy families. Don’t we need more of that? Nowadays parents are all in a rush, most families have to have both parents working.  For Example, My son and his Fiance just had their first baby on Easter 2019. They wanted for her to stay home with the baby at least for the first year, but here it is only 3 months later and Mom had to get back to work. My son was working double shifts to try to keep them above water.  Believe it or not. His income put them just over the amount to get assistance. Babies are NOT cheap.   My oldest son is in the same situation, he and his wife have 3 kids, one is special needs. They both have to work nonsense hours for little pay and don’t qualify for assistance except the military where my son was for years.
Check out the video to see what Brands were included
in my box

Why do I mention all that?  It’s because Busy moms and dads don’t have time to spend hours working on healthy, fresh meals for the kids anymore. Fresh veggies, foods with no preservatives and still watching out for Problem foods/allergies...

It’s terrible...  So if this is one way I can help contribute to my grand-babies getting healthy snacks then I am all for it.

 Busy moms and dads don't have time to spend hours working on healthy, fresh meals for the kids anymore. Fresh veggies, foods with no preservatives and still watching out for Problem foods/allergies… There is just no time to cook healthy meals. So why not give them healthy snacks on the go or at home. It is also a healthy added bonus for those that already follow a healthy diet for their kids.
*Healthy kids snacks give you coupon's too*

 [if you are like me, Then you want assurance that your kids are eating healthy. The only way to do that for sure is to make sure YOU are the one buying their snacks, and YOU are the one giving the snacks to them.   However, in today’s day and age, that is impossible, unless you are a stay at home mother.   That is not likely as a great majority of moms have to work these days.

  Sure there are many SNACKS that claim to be healthy for your kids at the grocery store. But it’s what they don’t tell you is what is scary. They don’t always tell you All of the ingredients in their products.

You ask, How can I know for sure?

Research is your best chance.  Research any company product that you plan to buy. Research the company itself, not just the product. If they are honest, it will show in their reviews from other people.

Back in the day, healthy just meant fresh from YOUR own garden. Then it seems it sleeked into fresh produce at the market, now there is no one category.   You can get gluten-free, NO GMO, Paleo and so much more. It’s way too confusing.   That is why doing your own research is always the best.

Great Kids snacks claim to be organic, healthy

Did I mention I am helping my Fiance raise his 3 boys? ages 12, 7, and 6.  Thank goodness I am still able to stay home. The Fiance, however, has to work non stop out of town just to make enough to keep us afloat.    I have the time to cook healthy meals, but I am faced with the other issues parents face with kids.  All that junk food, fast food and just plain crap they are being fed by others, The kids just don’t like the “taste” of good healthy fresh food.  That is why I rely on snack companies like the ones listed here to make my job just a little easier...

LINK TO VIDEO of kids eating snacks

What awesome is that you can choose from a box with 20 snacks for just $29.99, a box of 30 snacks for $39.99 and a GLUTEN free box (thank goodness) for just $45.99
Pick your box up here.

Don’t forget to click on the link where they are selling Shirts. T-shirts that say: Snack Monster, snack princess, Snack Queen, Snack prince, Snack king and more.

Click the image:  look for right or left arrow to see the entire image gallery

*Disclosure:  I was given this item at a discount so that I may test the product and give feedback to the company on improving their product.  I always give the company/person my honest opinion be it good, bad or even ugly. I only work for companies that appreciate my honest opinion.

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