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Muzili baby adult thermometer (#ad #review)

What the product describes on its site:

  • 【Accurate&Reliable】Ultra sensitive infrared sensor of Muzili baby thermometer collects more than 100 data points per second. Muzili thermometer for fever is Pediatrician-recommended and FDA-approved.
  • 【5 IN 1 Temporal Thermometer】Not only forehead ear thermometer, but also used to measure liquid, room, food temp. Good back to school gift for student of keeping track temperature!!
  • 【Fast Reading and Easy Use】Only one second to get the measured data by one button operating, we can read it clearly even in total darkness with back lit LCD display.
  • 【Intelligent Fever Indicators】Light up different colors to indicate baby fever or not. Green for normal, orange for light fever, red for high fever.
  • 【What you get】1x Thermometer for fever, 2x AAA Batteries, 1x Storage Pouch, 1x User Manual, 60 days return or refund service, 24 months warranty, life-time top-rated customer service.

With my kids growing up, I tried out many digital thermometers, only one of them would get close to the right temp. It was hard to find one that was accurate, however, that was over 20 years ago too.  Now my middle child just had a new baby on Easter Sunday. I have been collecting items for them that I know they need.  I tried this one out on my step kids. One of them is still very young. I know what my temp is and it was on the dot accurate. My temp usually rungs around 97.8 to 97.9 so I know it is accurate.

My personal Temperature

  So I ran my step sons temperature.

 It said it was 98.5  That is when I knew it was the right thermometer for my kids.

step sons reading

I love that it has the ultra sensitive infrared sensor.  That is why it is so accurate. Beside the fact that you don't have to stick with the forehead, you can scan use it to measure the temperature of the baby's bath or other liquids. You can check food temp and Room Temp.

For water, food measurements you just touch the tip sensor to the food hold the scan button down till it beeps.

For the Room. Just hold it out in front of you and repeat, hold scan button until it beeps. I went outside and this is the temp it gave me:

Room temp

     One of the best features is that it holds onto at least 21 different temps, (there could possibly be way more than that) you program it in by hitting the button below the screen, find one that isn't used and then run the child or adults temperature. It will automatically be saved and give it a number for easy recall. The direction manual shows you exactly how to take the temperature. It was very easy to use.

Please be sure to keep the tip clean by using alcohol wipes. That is what I did for years. If you want to know otherwise, you can ask the manufacturer or Seller -Muzili Direct: that is the name of the Thermometer (here, where I bought mine)

Here is my video review on YouTube

*Disclosure:  I was given this item at a discount so that I may test the product and give feedback to the company on improving their product.  I always give the company/person my honest opinion be it good, bad or even ugly. I only work for companies that appreciate my honest opinion.

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