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Muzili Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speakers

Muzili Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speakers 
Buy one here for 19.99 (as of Aug 2019)

I have been needing to get another one for so long.  It seems like every time I buy one, one of my kids needs a new one so I give it to them.  This search has been an interesting one, did you know they come in all sizes, shapes and even waterproof?
I didn't know that. So It is very hard to choose which one I need the most.

Waterproof sounds great, but we only go camping in the summer and the need for it to be waterproof is not necessary for my household.

Muzili Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speakers 

The sound is amazing and the setup was super easy. I lost the instructions, but I contacted the seller and they got back to me right away with a new instruction manual (to download), very happy with service. I love that the two little "feet" on the bottom have anti-stick technology for flat-slick surfaces. With the cables that came with it, you can easily switch it out to different devices without Bluetooth.

I have grown to Respect these brands products. They make some amazing products.

The only problem I had and it might just be my computer. I didn’t have a Bluetooth adapter on my PC (windows 10) yet, so I plugged in with the 1x 3.5mm AUX cable when the speaker got bumped the sound would get scratchy then fade in and out. 

However, I got and installed a Bluetooth adapter this morning and tested it out using that on my pc and it worked amazingly.   I think it just prefers Bluetooth

·         Superior Sound Quality

·         Pure audio power with enhanced bass thunders from dual neodymium drivers. Plays loud, distortion-free even at max volume.
·         ** The sound is amazing, I hooked it up to my phone (see video),  and to my Computer, see the video.
·         Connectivity was so easy. Just plug and play.  I couldn't get it to connect Bluetooth from the PC (my Bluetooth device is old), but it did work for the phone.

·         Longer Playtime

·         Long-life battery technology provides 12 hours of sublime music at 50% volume. Bluetooth 4.0+EDR allows quick and secure connection with all Bluetooth-enable devices up to 33 ft.
·         ** I am just in the beginning of testing this; I will update after I have updated. I left it plugged in overnight to make sure it was fully charged. Now it's just a matter of leaving it on, watching it around the 12 hr mark.

·         Multiple functions

·         Built-in mic and hands-free features make you easily answer anywhere. And you can insert the U disk, TF card, and AUX cable makes it compatible with non-Bluetooth devices.
·         **  I used this when my fiance called me. It was awesome.  So I actually had to look up the TF (Trans flash / micro sd card.

·         Portable Plus

·         Only 11 oz, 7x2.5x1.7 inches, this portable mini Bluetooth speaker is easily carried around.
·         **  Doesn't take up much space to take it to the beach or on a picnic. I love it

·         What You Get

·         1x Bluetooth wireless speaker, 1x USB charging cable, 1x User Guide, 1x 3.5mm AUX cable, 60 days return or refund service, 24  months’ warranty, life-time top-rated customer service.
·         ** What more could you ask for?

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*Disclosure:  I was given this item at a discount so that I may test the product and give feedback to the company on improving their product.  I always give the company/person my honest opinion be it good, bad or even ugly. I only work for companies that appreciate my honest opinion.

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