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My First Gratsy sample box

 I had gotten this tiny little box in the mail today. Wasn't exactly sure about what it was because, honestly, I sign up for so many freebies I forget what's coming. I guess that way it makes it a surprise.     I signed up on a whim, because I saw my  Niece was doing it. Thought, Ok, sounds like fun.

Gratsy by Whalar

How it works.  Through Facebook (Instagram and Snapchat)

As they say:

1. You tell us a little bit about yourself on messenger
2. We send you free samples and offers that we think you will love (no credit card required!)
3. You give us your feedback on the products you tried
4. As a thank you for your feedback, we will make a donation to a charity
5. The cycle of happiness continues!

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Interested?  Sign up here

My First box had a few awesome goodies in it.

I'm not one for sour patch kids, but I ate these (minus the orange- I'm not an orange flavor kinda girl)
Once I got past the sour (not my cup of tea) I loved them.  Still. Not into sour candy.

Who doesn't love Nilla wafers?  I had no idea they sold individually packed bags for snacking and lunches. Thanks for the coupon.

Swedish fish is my all time favorite.. I used to buy the $10 bag and would sit and eat it til I was sick. Yep. That bad. Now I can control my intake (bahaha.. Yeah right) with individual bags.. If I had the will power to resist and stop at just one bag.

the Trident vibes. Don't care for the Spearmint (gave that to step son) but the Tropical one tastes like my other all time favorite flavor on the planet.  PEACH..

Going to go get me a container of the Vibes today. Thanks for the coupon.. Lovin it.

Can't wait to see what they send me next.

 Watch the unboxing video

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