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Shifave Makeup sponges #review

I made an investment the other day. In myself. I was at a point where I felt, It just wasn't worth the effort to put makeup on anymore. It always made me look like a circus freak.  Shoot,, snap chat put makeup on me perfect, but no luck in person.
I tried everything.  I even tried sponges once too.  However, I was not using them properly, so I gave up on them.

I decided to revisit the idea, getting older doesn't mean I have to accept the sun damage, the aging skin, etc. at least not completely, right...?

·         4 Pcs high-quality multi-functional makeup sponges, made of hydrophilic non-latex, soft and delicate, reduce allergies
·         Wet and dry dual-use: Wet, suitable for the milky or creamy products, such as BB cream, liquid foundation, concealer, sun screen, etc. Wet before use to avoid absorbing too much cosmetics and reduce waste. Dry, suitable for powder cosmetics, such as loose powder, blush, eye shadow, etc.
·         Cute cat sponge holder, made of carbon steel, 2 colors: gold and rose gold. Sturdy and durable, Not easy to fade, not easy to rust, and can keep the luster for a long time. Not only can help you find a suitable place for the powder puff, but also add a life interest to your dressing table
·         Set contains 4 makeup sponges, 1 cute cat makeup sponge holder. Makeup sponges can make your makeup more delicate. The holder can make your beauty sponge stay in the right place, and help it dry after cleaning, and keep away from bacteria, more health
·         Use makeup remover or a neutral cleanser or soap. Squeeze gently and repeatedly, clean the dirt and foundation thoroughly out of the sponge. Then wash the cleaner with clean water. In the end, dry it naturally under ventilated with the holder, avoid direct sunlight. It is recommended that clean it once or twice a week and change it every one to two months

So, now that I watched a video on how to properly use one, it works amazingly. Using it dry will leave your skin looking heavy. You have to wet it completely down (doubling it in size) wring out all the water, first put on moisturizer then use liquid makeup with the sponge.  Once on, the makeup looked like I wasn’t really wearing any, but it covered all my spots, rough patches, sun damage and all. It looks completely natural too. at least it did on me.

Before getting wet, and after

If you are interested in buying these same sponges: You can get them HERE>

*Disclosure:  I was given this item at a discount so that I may test the product and give feedback to the company on improving their product.  I always give the company/person my honest opinion be it good, bad or even ugly. I only work for companies that appreciate my honest opinion.

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